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The Nut Club is THE Club for kids to see the friendly, furrier side of banking!

The Nut Club is designed to help kids learn the importance of saving and goal setting, and the positive impact it can have on their finances in the future.  With reinforcement given by way of letters, treats, and cool prizes, kids will see immediate gratification for something that's generally long term when it comes to seeing results.  Continued use of the different accounts as the child grows and matures will instill the values necessary to become financially responsible, allowing them to know what is affordable now and in the future.

Remember: The Nut Club is your child's gateway to owning the things they want - toys, books, games - you name it they can save for it!



This program covers kids from the ages of 0 - 18.  We have the following accounts:

0-12 Pockets Savings

  • Tiered Interest rate
  • No fees with the exception of ATM use
  • Birthday Program

13-18 Cache Chequing

  • No monthly fee
  • 30 transactions included
  • Variable daily interest

Wallet Savings

  • Tiered interest rate
  • Goal setting
  • Minimal fees



The more your child uses their account, the more they will learn from it, but to sweeten the deal even more we've created additional perks to encourage continual use of their account:

  • Prize draws in April, August, and December.  Complete your Nut Club deposit card and you're automatically entered!
  • Birthdays are special - that's why Pockets will be sure to send you your very own birthday card on your special day!
  • Become a savings superstar! As your child continues to use their account they will learn how to plan ahead and be financially responsible later in life.



The Nut Club has unique accounts designed for the different stages in life.  With Pockets, Wallet, and Cache accounts your child will be introduced to different aspects of banking and as they grow past the different accounts they will learn how to manage and prepare their finances accordingly.

The Pocket account is available to kids up to 12 years old and is the start of their financial journey.  Once your child reaches age 13 they will upgrade to either a Cache Chequing account or a Wallet Savings account (or both), depending on what their needs or goals are.

To open an account for your child, government issued ID is required (birth certificate, passport, SIN card).  For questions or further details contact or visit your local branch.