Notice: Your existing debit card will stop working by September 8, 2017 in favour of the new flash debit cards.


What is Interac Flash?

Interac® Flash is a contactless way of using Interac® Debit. It is fast, secure and convenient way to pay for everyday purchases.


How Interac Flash Works

Look for symbol on your MemberCard debit card to know if it has Interac Flash.

An Interac Flash purchase involves two steps:

1) Cardholders hold their card in front of the point of sale terminal/card reader

2) A beep and/or "approved" message on the terminal's display will acknowledge that the cardholder's purchase is complete.


When you use Interac Flash, your purchases will automatically be debited from your account.

Why Use Interac Flash?

Interac Flash is a fast and convenient way to pay for everyday purchases at the point-of-sale.

  • It saves time.
  • There is no need to search for cash and coins.
  • The funds are instantly debited from your account.

Interac Flash is trusted and secure.

  • It comes with Interac Zero Liability Policy - this means you will receive 100% reimbursement of funds if you happen to lose your card or if it gets stolen.
  • Interac Flash is built using the highest security available for contactless payments, protecting it from electronic pick-pocketing attacks.
  • There are other unique features that are built into the card. This includes purchase limits of $100, which means a single Interac Flash purchase cannot exceed $100. As well, there are cumulative spend limits, which prevents the card's flash capability from being used after $200 in total spending has been performed using flash (regardless of the time it takes to reach $200 in total spending). Once this limit is reached, the cardholder will be asked to insert their card and enter their PIN to complete the transaction.

Interac Flash is easy to use.

  • Simply hold the card in front of the terminal and you are done.
  • Purchases can easily be tracked - each item is displayed on your monthly statement and can also be seen when viewing your account history online.
  • Read the FAQs page for further information.